Simple Ticket Management System using VB. net

Ticket Management System

Visual Basic .NET ( is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, implemented in the dot NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language. As, it was again engineered by Microsoft as the part of .net product which supports abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism.
NET language is Visual Studio. Most Visual Studio editions are commercial; the only exceptions are Visual Studio Express and Visual Studio Community, which are freeware.  And the .NET Framework SDK includes a freeware command-line compiler called vbc.exe.  .
The project below is the ticket management system which is done by using VB. Net. The project consist of many properties or features. As the ticket management system, the main objective is to provide tickets to the client and to keep records of all the tickets sold or left, it also keep the records of the information about the clients.
There is a login screen and menu screen. Besides, we can search the customer list, we can buy the tickets with its transections, payment and we can find any information about the concerned place or agencies. The system contains features like;

  • Purchasing Ticket
  • Customer list
  • Payment
  • Login
  • Number of seats
  • Information about the company, etc.


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The things you need to install to run this project are
  • You need to install Visual Studio as IDE to run this project.
  • You need to have knowledge about vb. Net, C# and android programming language
  • You need to have SQL server management studio.

The username and password for the login screen are “Admin” and “bermz” respectively
You can download the project by clicking the download button below

credit: sourcecodester

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