A simple Model Calculator using VB. net

Model Calculator

Visual Basic .NET (VB.net) is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, implemented in the dot NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language. As, it was again engineered by Microsoft as the part of .net product which supports abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism.
NET language is Visual Studio. Most Visual Studio editions are commercial; the only exceptions are Visual Studio Express and Visual Studio Community, which are freeware.  And the .NET Framework SDK includes a freeware command-line compiler called vbc.exe.
The following project is a small program for calculation. It is a model calculator which can do basic operation like add, sub, divide and multiply. The work is fully done in visual studio. In the program there are one display screen for all the operations. There are two text field for the input of the data. There are also 4 operations which can be done and can be selected by using the radio button on the top . when the user provide any input in both of the text field then you need to select the calculate button in order to make the calculation between the inputs.
Steps for the project

  • You need to click and drag the radio button for each of the operations and change the text to any operation (add, sub, multiply, divide).
  • You need to change the properties of the radio button and change into any text.
  • You need to put two field box for the input from the toolbox panel.
  • You need to bring the button from the toolbox panel and change their text
  • And then you need to double click on the calculate box and copy the following code.



The things you need to install to run this project are

  • You need to install Visual Studio as IDE to run this project.
  • You need to have knowledge about vb. Net, C# and android programming language
  • You need to have SQL server management studio.

You can download the project by clicking the download button below

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