A Color Switch Game on Unity 3D with source code

A Color switch game is one of the most popular game in 2016.

A Color switch game is made from Unity 3D. This is not the whole game as this one is the replica. This game is made from a programming language that is C#. Like everyone knows that C# is similar to Java but little different.
C# is considered as the cross-platform language as you can do both Andriod and IOS. If you are familiar with C# then it may seem very easy to you. But you have to know that the coding on Unity is quite different.
The coding is done while making a game is quite tough as you have to focus on GUI as well. You really have to make your own assets. If you copy of others then It may be very bad for you. If you are copying somebodies game then it may feel like genuine. You can make your own by editing it or by modifying it.

As you can see from the above game, It looks very similar to the real game but I have made quite changes. I haven’t added lots of obstacles but no worries as you can add it. There are UI element available and there are quite a lot of buttons are available.
You can go to build settings and then you can connect it to your phone so that you can play your own color switch game.

Things you need to know before downloading this project:
  1. You should install Unity 3D so that you can open and run your project.
  2. You must install JDK and JRE so that you can build it on your phone.
  3. And you can install any IDE for the coding section which may be mono Develop or any text editor.
  4. How to install unity 3D on Linux?

Click on below button to download this game.
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