A Simple Java Calculator in NetBeans IDE using Java


simple calculator is typically a portable device used to perform calculations, ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematical operations.In this project, we will be learning about designing a  simple basic calculator App in Java using the NetBeans. In this project, you may not see the number buttons. You have to use a number from your keyboard. You will see text field and buttons while generating output. The user must input first number and second number respectively. After entering input, you can use the command buttons like add, subtract, multiply, divide to get the result and clear button can be used to clear the screen.
You can see some screenshots below, how the project looks like and how it performs calculations.

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Useful Tips For Running This Project
  1. You must install JDK and JRE of any version but I recommend you to use the latest one.
  2. And then you must install NetBeans IDE to run this project.
  3. You can install any version but I recommend you to install 8.2 version.
  4. The installation and process are same for all OS users so you don’t have to worry about it.
Writing code for the command buttons on JAVA Calculator

Code for performing addition the following code must be applied:

Likewise, you can apply the similar code making some changes to make your button perform some actions :

The codes are not tough enough to learn. They are quite easy and simple. If you think it is hard, don’t worry!! I have put the comments for easier understanding.  This technique will help you for further development in your project. You can download the Source Code for this project by pressing the download button below:

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