A Simple JTable In Netbeans IDE Using Java With Source Code


The JTable is used to display and edit regular two-dimensional tables of cells. It is useful for various applications. The JTable uses number exclusively to represent both the rows and the columns. The model displays as (0,0),(0,3)…etc. for row and column.  The JTablesimply takes a tabular range of cells. JTable is typically placed inside of a  JScrollPane. By default, a JTable will adjust its width such that a horizontal scrollbar is unnecessary.
When designing applications that use the JTable are worth paying close attention to the data structures that will represent the table’s data. The Default Table Model a model implementation that uses a Vector of Vectors of Objects to store the cell values. As well as copying the data from an application into the default table model.
In this project, we will be learning about inserting strings, integers into the table, see some samples below for more.

You can see text field below the table. You have to fill the text field with name, address, and cell number. After filling the small form you have to press the button ‘Add to table’ that will add information to your table.

Useful Tips For Running This Project
  1. You must install JDK and JRE of any version but I recommend you to use the latest one.
  2. And then you must install NetBeans IDE to run this project.
  3. You can install any version but I recommend you to install 8.2 version.
  4. The installation and process are same for all OS users so you don’t have to worry about it

This is the code that made a button to perform some action to fill the table.

Using Netbeans with GUI is quite interesting. You can download the Source Code for this project by clicking the download button below:

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