A Simple Network Model In COMNET III With Source Code


COMNET III is a commercial off-the-shelf application whose function is to allow you to estimate the performance characteristics of computer-based networks. The programming in COMNET III is not required. It is a graphic based window interface. The COMNET III application was written in the programming language MODSIM III using an object-oriented design. We use an object to design our project.
As such, objects are created within the application that represent various pieces of hardware that may be found in a network. In writing the program using an object-oriented framework, creating representations of all types of equipment which could be present in a network would be very difficult. COMNET III uses a standard WindowsTM interface for the creation of network models.
I  have designed a simple networking model using COMNET III. The network model consists of ethernet link, computers, file server, messages and file response. All the devices has connected with ethernet link and with each other. The source file will be provided on the bottom of the page. The devices are connected to Ethernet link using TCP/IP protocol.

See some sample below to understand the project:

In the above figure, you can see a simple network model. This model consists of different devices connected to each other using Ethernet.

Here, you can see the message passing from one device to another using Ethernet link.

Things you need to run this project in COMNET III:

  • You must install COMNET III 2.5.2
  • Installation is different in a different operating system
  • You can use this software offline.

COMNET III is not difficult. Using of object-oriented window design make easier in developing a project. The good thing is that you may not require writing the code.  You can download the Source file for this project clicking the download button below.

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