A Simple Traditional Model in Comnet III

 TCP/IP Traditional Model

Comment III is a small commercial application which allows the user to perfume and knows about the characteristics of the computer networks. It is a graphic based interface to build a working computer network.  The application was written in MODSIM III programming language.
Thus the figure above is a network model which is done by using the comment III. It is a TCP/IP traditional mode. A TCP/IP Traditional mode is the kind of network in which the data are transported simply from one point to another point without using protocols and networking devices. In the traditional model, the data transfer rate is less than the ATM model. In the comment III program given, there are also two LAN i.e. token ring as TR 1 and CSMA/CD as Ether 1 which is connected by using different network devices such as routers, etc. The traditional model is invented firstly for the transfer of the data from one point to another point by America for their military purposes.
In the given model, there is two voice message which helps to generate the model and two session source called file transfer. There are several nodes which are connected with their particular network devices. The two routes which connect the LAN from the transits network called ATM. There are two links in the model i.e. token ring and CSMA/CD. The model uses different protocols for the transfer of the data. At either side of the transit network are LAN created in the ATM network. The properties of each node and the devices can be seen by double-clicking on the icon or right-clicking and selecting the properties options.

See some sample below to understand the project:

The figure shows that there are two LAN, in the first LAN the token ring passing is used to connect the TRW S node and TR server with the router ATM R1 and the CSMA/CD is used in the second LAN which is used to connect E server and EWS nodes.

Things you need to run this project in COMNET III:

  • You must install COMNET III 2.5.2
  • this software can be used offline
Click on below button to download the file above:


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