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Admin Panel in Laravel template has a very important role in making the project more eye catching and attractive on the web. Also, choosing the web admin panel is very hard but Laravel makes it more easier. Laravel is a free open source PHP web framework mostly used for web applications. It helps to make web application more efficient and helpful then other platforms.

Admin Panel in Laravel contains some awesome fonts, colorful buttons and widgets, and highly customizable. Similarly, it provides more awesome features like user-friendly and modern designs, lots of color options, Multi-lingual support. Also like clean, unlimited icons, built in logs, customization, great user support and many more.

Background Reading

Admin Panel in Laravel project is based on Rappasoft Laravel Boilerplate , with lots of customization and enhancement with pre-made modules. This project is based on latest version of Laravel i.e. Laravel 5.6. So, this project will help any user to create a great GUI based module. Likewise, it will help to generate files like, Migration, Traits, Controllers, Views, Model , Relationship, and routes. And after the completion of module, user can view their module on route generated. User can easily migrate this module to generate table fields.

Technologies used

  • Laravel as a framework
  • PHP as a scripting language
  • JavaScript as a programming language
  • NPM as a package manager for JavaScript.
  • SQLite3 for database management.
  • PHPStorm as an IDE.

Additional Features

  • It has built-in Laravel Boilerplate Module Generator,
  • It has Dynamic Menu/Sidebar Builder
  • List of Pages Module
  • Also a number of Blog Module
  • Similarly, a FAQ Module
  • Likewise there are API Boilerplate, Mailables and Vue Components.
  • So its a Laravel Mix with lots of Object based JavaScript Implementation



Dashboard of Laravel Admin Panel

User Listing

Settings Management

Settings Management of Laravel Admin Panel


User Management

User Management of Laravel Admin Panel


  • It is user-friendly and easily customizable.
  • Also, this project can fit in other project as well.
  • It has lots of widgets and data available.
  • Therefore, user can access and manage its properties.

Login details

Therefore things to know

  • You have to install NPM packages.
  • You have to install SQLite3.
  • Also you can install PHPStorm as an IDE.
  • Similarly, use above given login information to get access.

Therefore click on below button to download this project.

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Credit: Viralsolani

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