Advanced Menu Buttons on python

This is an advanced menu buttons on python using Tkinter.

Menu is a GUI tool where you will get some buttons and menu bars which has their own functions. As you can see that menu is usually for making form or any kind of list where you can get multiple functions. So, it is mostly made by the developers for any kind of software or program where users can easily interact.
Menu is mostly for user interaction. If you are coding and making any kind of tool or software, people usually don’t understand it. You will be the only one to understand it. But if you make the tools or software output on GUI then it will be a user friendly software.
So, the menu that you are making must be user friendly and easily understandable. And there must be multiple functions with lots of menu bars on it.

[smartslider3 slider=5]
So, As you can se from the above menu that I have created. So, there are all total of five menu bars and one is disabled, only four are activated. And the four menu bars are like  button commands, cascading menus, checkbutton menus, radiobutons menus. All of them are text box, label box and combo boxes.

Button commands

In this command, we have all total of six sub buttons and all of them has got their own features. The sub menus are like undo, enter, new, open, quit and wild font. Each and every one does some actions while clicking.

Cascading menus

In this command, we have all total of one sub button that is scripts and again there are all total of seven sub menus on scripts. And again there is one sub menu on ‘it is a..’ where you have to select a choice among four sub menu bar.

Check button menus

So, in this command, we have all total of five sub menu bar where you have to select them and it will be checked.

Radio button menus

So, all total of nine sub menus are available over there and you have to choose any of them.

Things you need to know before running this program

  1. You have to install python2.7 or python 3.
  2. You have to install pip or pip3 for downloading librarie. (sudo apt-get install pip or pip3)
  3. And you have to install Tkinter library. (sudo pip or pip3 install Tkinter)
  4. And you have to install any IDE or text editor to run this program like Pycharm, Nvim etc.

So, click on below button to download this program.

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