Artificial Intelligence on Holmes part 2 using python with source code

AI-Holmes program

Holmes is like an AI shell where it converts your terminal into holmes and does some unique things. This is a part 2 version of holmes. It is an example of fairly complex programming language which is written in Python. Holmes is a forward and backward interface system. Multiple interference engines with the selection of facts and rules, Holmes deals with all of them.
The user has to operate on holmes with some knowledge. And for the particular domain, an expert system is encoded with interference and knowledge of Holmes. In this module,  because of the command line, the whole system looks fluffy.
In this kind of system, we have got a forward and backward which definitely interacts with the users. As you are familiar with the Python, kbase might be quite easier for you.  If you use multiple kbase in python then you may use it instead of Holmes().

As you can see from the above pictures that how it looks when you run a program. I haven’t shown you much about homes because you can download the whole system and then you can read the instructions that are provided.

Things you need to know to run this program:
  1. You must install python 2.7 or python 3.
  2. You must install the python libraries like math, kbase and match.
  3. And you can install these libraries by typing: sudo pip / pip3 install and the library name.
  4. Before installing libraries, you have to install pip or pip 3 that is sudo apt-get install pip / pip3.
  5. There are two ways for redirecting input and output that is python < file1 > file2
  6. There are lots of programs when you download the whole system.
  7. You must not delete any of the programs or your program will not run.

Holmes is one of the best modules for maths and it consists of five modules that are :

  1. is the main driver module.
  2. is the knowledge base administrative routines.
  3. is the pattern matcher.
  4. is the forward chaining inference engine.
  5. is the backward chaining inference engine.

And similarly, and as the is ignored:

  • explicit goal/backtrack stacks
  • without exceptions (just return)
  • without exceptions, and tree list rep
  • generate-and-test, with explicit goal stacks
  • non-backtracking version (copies proof subtrees)

and now a variant:

  • implements negation by omission or assertion

Click on below button to download holmes2 .
Thank you,
credit OREILLY

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