Api Twitter Streaming using Python

API Twitter Streaming using Python

Twitter is one of the best social sites for the genuine person. People usually post things that that they are going through but sometimes when we are using hash for the location or for some thing, it makes things easier. We do lots of stuff over Twitter and we are mostly unknown about it.
People mostly use hash tags on their post and send some personnel things. Sharing our personnel things are good but sometimes it may get worst. People may spy on you and may stalk on you as well. But this is not what I am going to teach you.

Most of the celebrity use Twitter as the medium. We mostly talk with people and tell about them using social sites and this program is for them. We are using this program to find the hash used by the people at certain location and at certain place. You can search the people or the place by typing it and then you can get the results from it.

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As you can see from the above pictures where I have written some codes for the api twitter streaming.
Things you need to install befor running this program:
  1. You need to install Python 2.7 or Python 3.
  2. You need to install python libraries like tweepy, tweepy.streaming,  csv, untitled14, naivebayes,  matplot, matplot.pyplot, matplot.animation, matplot.lib, time, json, sentiment_mod,.
  3. And you can install these libraries by: sudo pip/pip3 install and the library name.
  4. You have to install the python IDE’s like pycharm or you can run the program using terminal.
  5. And for running the program in terminal, you have to type: python /python3 and the program name.

So, by using this program, you can easily stream the Twitter API and  it will surely help you to find some hash taggers.
Click on below download button to install this program.
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