Attendance Management System in PHP with source code


Attendance Management System is build in PHP language which is a web app. This web app is consist of PHP as a back end language and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap as a front end language.

Attendance Management System is for taking an attendance in any office, schools or any company. This system helps to take huge amount data and insert it using a small system.

So, Attendance Management System is for any bio-metrics system like finger print scanner or any card system. And this system helps to keep genuine record of staff or students.

Due to auto save system, admin can only check if the staff is present or not. His/her remark will be comapared and checked on daily basis which will make 100% genuine attendance record.

Technology used


  • Any company or office can easily implement it with cost free.
  • Also, this system plays a role of finger print management system.
  • This system is online based and really easy to use.
  • And this system has got sign up and login form.


  • Sign up form for both admin and faculty members.
  • Login for for both admin and faculty members.
  • SQL database is added to save a huge amount of data.
  • There is a relationship between tables.
  • And students can have their own access as a student using student id.

So, things to know

  1. You have to download Xampp version 5.0.
  2. And not only that, you have to install php and mysql .
  3. Also, make sure you install Xampp for your version of PC.
  4. So, after install this system, extract it and put it inside htdocs of Xampp folder.

Therefore, you can download this system by clicking this below button.

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Therefore,credit: codernitish



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