Best multi-program software on VB.NET

Multi-program software is one of the best software so far.

Multi-program software is made from a C sharp language which is mostly known as the cross-platform language. This is an easy and simple software where you can get lots of things on it.
C sharp language is similar to Java, as it is a heavy and easily understandable language. And C sharp is also known as C#.
As you can see that, VB.NET is the framework, not the language. VB.NET is the platform where you build a software and other kinds of stuff. And it is one of the huge libraries of tools and classes for implementing applications for Microsoft platform.
VB stands for Visual Basic .NET which is an object-oriented programming language mostly designed by Microsoft. And C sharp is the most targeted language for VB.NET. VB.NET has been established for taking an advantage over a runtime environment.

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And this is what the above-mentioned software looks like. As you can see that there is a calculator available.  It is one of the advance calculators where more than 100’s of choices and buttons available.
Here you can see there is all total of nine programs. And you have to choose them and use them. The choices are like calculator, Ms word, Ms powerpoint, Ms excel, Ms access, control panel, task manager,  windows explorer and disk manager.
At first, the calculator can be very useful and there are choices like scientific, standard, programmer, converter, volume, length, weight and mass etc. Not only that, there is a settings button available for the user where you can change a lot of things in it.
So after calculator, there is Ms word which will help you with your documentation. But afterward, there is ms excel for storing the data in tabular format.
ms powerpoint is there for the presentation that you will need for the documentation you made in ms word. And then there is ms access which is for referencing, reporting and analysis.
And serially, there are the control panel, task manager, windows explorer and disk manager which are already on your computer. These programs are for viewing your computer status that means what your computer is using and running. It helps you to know about your hardware and software.

Things you need to know before downloading this software:

  1. You must install Visual Studio of any version but I recommend you to install the latest one.
  2. You have to install Microsoft Office to run all these programs.
  3. And after downloading the software, you have to extract it.
  4. You have to open Visual Studio and open the file that you extracted,
  5. So after opening the folder or file, you have to open .cs file.
  6. You have to press the F5 button to run the program.
  7. And after pressing F5 button, you can debug it and only then your software will run.

This is an easy way to make a multi-program software and you can install it at once. So, the software is made simple and efficient which will help the user for their day to day activity. There are lots of Mircosoft program which are essential for the assignment and for the job as well.

And finally, click on below button to download this software:

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credit: Bishow Raj Poudel

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