Build a Portfolio website using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT


Portfolio website development has always been a great piece of art when it comes for idea view. There are different kinds of website which helps you to uplift your working strategy into the real world. The hidden and unknown ideas and details of yours business and yourself can be displayed on a proper order. In this current scenarios, people are highly involve in internet and are more tech savvy.

The business infrastructure and user portfolio will help customers and consumers to gain genuine idea and details of the person they want to deal with. Also making a portfolio website is fruitful because it will not only uplift your business but also your working strategies.

Background Reading

This portfolio website is simple and user friendly. Similarly, this website is built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap. These are the basic programming language for front-end website development. Likewise, these languages will help to make any template look good and responsive.

This portfolio website is responsive and and easily be edited. The pictures and content are genuine. Also, database file are there to store data collected through this website.

Technologies used

  • Html as a programming language.
  • CSS for style sheets.
  • Javascript for a high level programming language.
  • Bootstrap as a free and open source framework.
  • And json as a data interchange format.


  • The portfolio website is very responsive and user-friendly.
  • Contact page is available with better User interface.
  • About page and Portfolio page is available.
  • Simple and attractive
Portfolio website

Portfolio website


  • So, portfolio website is easy to use and modify.
  • Also, single page category has been provided.
  • Because of easy understandable code, user can easily modify it and make their own responsive blog website.
  • There is an availability of live source and content.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to install any IDE to run this source code like Sublime, Atom or many more.
  • User can change the code according to their will rather than for official work.
  • You can add back-end like PHP scripting, Django or NodeJS to make it ready for the market.

Therefore, click on below button to download this project.

Thank you,

credit : Dina Blaszczak

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