Campus Placement Management System in Java with Source Code


Campus Placement Management System is a system where a student can place their details for the company job. Here, student should sign up before logging into a system. They have to enter his genuine details into the system so that you can get a proper company for a job.

Campus Placement Management System is for those needy students who are searching for jobs. And only admin has rights to login into the system so users have to grant permission from the admin.

When admin login into the Campus Placement Management System , they have to add student , company and aptitude test details.

Similarly, admin have to provide students genuine details to the company so that they can find an appropriate job. And he will also add a detail of company like it’s name, limited seat offered and minimum percentage for the job.



Campus Placement Management System provides some extra features like:

  1. Database connection.
  2. It is very flexible and user friendly.
  3. Efficient and reliable.
  4. Also, it has got validation on data entry.

Login form

Login form

There is a validation available on both username and password.

Menu form


Main menu


Student details for adding and editing.




This menu form has got four menu bar. Here, student menu bar is for editing student details and company menu bar is for company details. Likewise, Aptitude test and admin is for testing and changing the password of the admin.

Add student details

Student details

Here, student details will be added for their job placement.

Test details

Test questions

So, these are the questions for students who are applying for the job.

Company details with users details

Company details and users details

There area are for company details.

Company details

company details

So, these are the company details for job requirement.

Company details and their minimum percentage

Company details and their minimum percentage

Therefore things to learn

  • Install JAVA with JDK and JRE.
  • Also, install Netbeans as an IDE to run this program.
  • You should have little knowledge of Java.
  • Also, you can get username and password inside the login form.

So, click on below button to download this project.

Thank you,


Therefore, credit goes to imPatidar

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