Clinic Management System in with source code


Clinic Management System is for a certain clinic to reduce a certain work load of a particular hospital. The main aim of this system is to provide a better service to it’s customer. This system helps to make system more comfortable and reliable.

Customer can easily book an appointment with a doctor that is applicable for his or her disease. And to book an appointment, he or she have to sign up and then only they can login.

This system has got a better design of scheme because of full feature availability in clinic management system.

Technology used:

  1. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap for front-end.
  2. C# and ASP.NET for back-end.
  3. And SQL for database.


  1. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Visual Studio.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Some user interfaces:


Signup page

This page is for sign up and Login form where customers can fill up the form to book an appointment. First of all he or she have to fill the form and have to sign up. And after that he or she can easily login into the system.



This appointment page is for the customer to book an appointment of a doctor which are available in the clinic. At first, you have to select a department to view its doctor. And after selecting a doctor department, you will get a data of availability of doctors. And there are all total of five department name that are Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Ears Nose Throat, Physiotherapy and Neurology. So, along that numbers of doctor and it’s description is given.

Current appointment

Current appointment

In this page, you will get a data of the appointment which has been booked by the customer. And along with doctors name, date and time is also provided.



So, this page is for searching a data of doctor, patient and other staff. Therefore, a data will be provided along with its name and id.

How to run this system:

  • You have to install Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Express.
  • You have to open SQL Server management studio and have to type the below command:
    Servername: .\SQLEXRPESS
    Authentication: Windows Authentication 


    SQL server

And afterwards, you have to open Schema.sql file in database folder and then you have to execute it. Now you can successfully run a system in Visual Studio by opening Clinic Management System.sln. So, now you have to select page SignUp.aspx and have to run IIS Express button.


run program


Finally, now click on below button to download this system.

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