Connecting SQL plus with oracle SQL developer

Connecting SQL plus with oracle SQL developer

SQL plus is a command line interface for developing a database which is used by mainly programmer, administrators. It is the most basic oracle database utility. It is used for creating database and its attributes. The most of the work are done on the command line.
The oracle SQL developer is a software which is used for creating database with GUI (graphical user interface). It is easy to develop a database using the SQL developer. It works with Microsoft SQL, Microsoft access, MySQL etc. it supports oracle products and other third party products. It helps to connect the database in GUI form.
Steps for creating users in sql plus
The steps for creating the user and their password are given below;

  • First you need to install the sql plus and sql developer on your computer which is free to download.
  • Then you need to open the sql plus first which will come in command line form or cmd.
  • Then the system will ask you for your username and password of the system
  • Type ‘sys as sysdba’ for username and ‘sys’ for password
  • After that you need to create your user and your password
  • Then you need to make the table in your databse default, quota unlimited and then you need to unlock your account.

You need to write the following queries after giving username and password of the system
Creating user:  create user u2(username) identified by u2(password);
Default table space: alter user u2 default tablespace users;
Making temporary tablespace: alter user u2 temporary tablespace temp;
Making unlimited quota: alter user u2 quota unlimited on users;
Account unlocking: alter user u2 account unlock;
Then you need to grant privilege to the user account;
Grant all privileges to u2;
Connecting the user with sql plus;
Conn u2/u2;


After writing the queries you need to open the oracle sql developer and you need to follow the following steps

  • First you need to click on the green plus sign on the left
  • Then a box will appear in which you need to give any connection name and the username and password of the user as you made previously on the sql plus.
  • Then you need to click on the text and it will say success the finally click on the ‘connect’ option for the connection.

then you can create or modify the tables or attributes in the database on the SQL developer.

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