Contact management system in C++

Contact management system

The contact management system is a small system which is created using the C++ language and helps to keep out contact stored. The system can perform many functions which helps to manage the contacts. There are similar functions that can be found in the real contact management system. The main features of this system are; adding new contact, deleting contacts, list all contact, etc. the system can take many contact as the user inserted. It is the digital form of the phone book.
This project is error free so you can change the codes and modify the project own your own. This system can run on the dev C++, code block, etc. this system is run with no error.

Steps of operations

  1. Add new contact

It is the first option on the main menu of the system, and if you press 1 then the new page will open and you are needed to insert you name, phone number, your address and email.

  1. List all contact

This is the second option on the menu, which is used to list all the contact list after you entered.

  1. Search

The third option is the search option, it is used for searching the contact in the system.

  1. Edit

The fourth option is the edit option. It is used to change the name or any other information of the specific name.

  1. Delete

The fifth option is the delete option, especially it is used to delete all the information about the certain name or number.

  1. exit application

The last option is to close the application.


Fig: menu

Fig: add contact info



The screen short can be found on your own program when you run it. When you run it with no error.
If you like you, can find the source code for this project down below

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