How to create skybox in python


Skybox is the collection of sky images where it is shown as a single image. This is one of my creative work where I have displayed it by using 4 to 5 images.
As you can see that it is my first project on skybox where you can see the collection of an image as a single one. And you don’t have to swipe it as you can see the view by just moving the mouse cursor. With the help of this project, you can show your photos as if you took the 360-degree angle shot.
The images used are of same size which has a plus point for the project. While you can rotate the image on 360-degree angle. You can see the bottom and sky part clearly.

[smartslider3 slider=47]
As you can see that, every image has sky and mountains on it.
To create this project, you need the below things:
  1. You must install the libraries first that is math,  OpenGL.GL, OpenGL.GLU,  pygame, and pygame.locals
  2. You must import the file that is model3d which I have inserted in the folder.
  3. You must import the images that you are going to use.

And after that you have to resize the image and then you must put pygame.mouse.set_visible as False.
As I have added the comment on the codes, you can download and you can try it.
And finally, click on below button to download this project.
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