Database Languages

Database languages help user to manipulate data in databases. The most used database language is Structured Query Language (SQL).

There are three kinds of database language. They are:


DDL stands Data Definition Language. This language is used to specify the database schema. We can create and delete databases and tables using this language. Some SQL’s DDL syntaxes are:

  • CREATE – To create database and table.
  • DROP – To delete existing database and table.
  • ALTER – To change the existing database object.
  • TRUNCATE – To delete all the data from the table.


DML is the abbreviation of Data Manipulation Language, which is hugely used for the manipulation of the data in the database. Manipulation means to view, add, delete and edit.

The DML for SQL are:

  • SELECT – To read data from the tables.
  • INSERT – To add new data to the table.
  • UPDATE – To change or edit the data in table.
  • DELETE – To delete the data from table.


Data Control Language is used to control the accessibility of the data by the selective users and also to control the action performed by them.

Two DCL from SQL are:

  • GRANT – To grant access to user.
  • REVOKE – To revoke access from user

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