Differences Between Selection Sort and Merge Sort

What are the differences between selection sort and merge sort?

Sorting means to arrange data in certain order especially in ascending order. Sorting can be a-z or z-a and 1-n and n-1. Sorting is necessary to keep data in order and for binary search.
The two sorting methods are selection sort and merge sort. There are other methods too.

The differences between linear sort and merge sort are:

Selection sort

Merge Sort

1. It is easy to understand. 1. It is little difficult to understand.
2. It takes more time than merge sort. 2. It takes less time than selection short.
3. Its big-Oh notation is O(n2). 3. Its big-Oh notation is O(nlog(n)).
4. It is inefficient with large data. 4. It is more efficient than selection sort.
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