Digital Notice Board Using Arduino With Source Code


Digital Notice Board using Arduino is a smart way to build a notice board. This helps to display the real time notice on a digital display board / LCD display screen. Here to view notices on a LCD display screen, both display screen and the system should be connected. Also, with one system more than one display board can be connected. This will help any system to do multitasking.

Digital Notice Board using Arduino / Nodemcu(ESP8266) will reduce cost and effort comparing it with RaspberryPI3. This project will help any school, college or company to work smartly. So within any seconds, students, employee or staff can view latest notices given by the administration.

Background reading

Digital Notice Board using Arduino is made using C++ language in an Arduino 1.8.12 version IDE. This project helps any company or school administration to maintain and manage day to day update. Also within a second user can view the latest data uploaded.

Also this project is connected through internet and Ethernet cable for better connection. Similarly, you can replace Arduino with Nodemcu (ESP8266) module for WIFI.

Technologies used

  • Arduino as a micro-controller.
  • Arduino IDE
  • C++ as a programming language
  • LCD display for displaying notices.


  • Simple and easily understandable code and commands.
  • User-friendly and error free codes.
  • Easy connection with accurate data.
  • Easy to debug and append.
  • Also user can add extra micro controller and sensors for better project.
Digital Notice Board

Digital Notice Board


  • LED display light for connectivity.
  • HTTP connection setup for sending and receiving data.
  • Easily displays notices with web format.

Therefore things to know

  • You have to download Arduino IDE
  • Also you have to connect each and every sensors properly.
  • You need jumper cables for connection.
  • Also you need to add ESP8266 for arduino environment.
  • Similarly you have to install arduino and nodemcu library.

Therefore click on below button to download this project

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