Distributed Configuration Management System


Distributed Configuration Management System is a framework which helps you to manage multiple number of Oracle application. This helps you to restore and archive versions of config files and application.

Moreover, this is a better version of configuration file than the past ones. The items which are currently on use and which is modified and completely separated with the application code. First of all, the changes made by the user on configuration file will make the changes on all client machines.

As it is a high efficient distributed configuration management system so it has suitable deployment and light interface. Not only that, it also has got high number of tolerating fault and robustness.


How to install this system?

This whole system is built with CMake(It is an cross platform and open source application which uses compiler independent method to built a software ).

You can use below command to build a library:

And link Cmake GUI tool with CMakeLists.txt file.

You can install it with the below command:

It’s usage


Register and set upĀ  ZooKeeper with the below command:


Run the code

Qconf system
Distributed management system

Probably the most important things to know

  • ZooKeeper – It is for restoring configuration file and as the limit of Znode, the size limitation will be 1MB in the server.
  • So, Qconf_agent helps to maintain data in a shared memory.
  • Also, Qconf uses shared memory as a local cache for all kinds of configuration on same users.
  • So, in Interface- You can use any kind of programming languages for accessing this system.

In this system, you can use multiple number of languages that you are familiar with.

Therefore, you can download this whole system by pressing the below download button.


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