Face Detection using Python with source code


Face detection in python is a great way to start Artificial Intelligence. It is simply a smart way of working and reacting like humans. Its main aim is to create smart and intelligence machines.

Artificial Intelligence makes machine work like humans by learning from an experience. By using large amount of processed data, computers can be train to complete human tasks in a very short period.

So, it works by collecting huge amount of data with quick, iterative processing and smart algorithms.

Explanation of topic

Face detection in python is simply means detecting a face through a camera. The data will be in real time to detect what objects are where. Here we will be using OpenCV algorithm to detect a particular person’s face.

This algorithm helps to detect face using convolutional neural network. Specially, It detects eye, mouth and nose for facial recognition.

In addition, object recognition by appearance has been use in this module. It create chances to detect face positions in an image.

Besides, it detects face with the help of darker spot of eye socket, mouth and eyebrow. Also, because they are darker and sunken than other parts of face.

Mind map

mind map

Library used

  • Open-CV: Open-CV provides building blocks for computer software, testing and vision because it is an open source library of Python.
  • Sys: Sys is a Python library that is use for Python run time environment by providing a number of variables and functions
  • Time: This Time library of Python is use to show date and time of current situation.
  • PIL (Python Image Library): To provide support for saving, creating and manipulating several image file formats.
  • TKinter: Tkinter is a GUI based library of Python Tk.
  • Threading: This library is use to run multiple amount of thread at a single time.

Camera vision


  • Moreover, face detection in python detects face with both black and white and RGB color.
  • Buttons are provided to create an action.
  • Easy to use in Raspberry PI 3.
  • Also, it is compatible with Python language.

Things to know

  • So, you have to install Python latest version with above given library.
  • You can re-code this program in Raspberry PI as well.

Therefore, click on below button to download this project.

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