Flutter Grocery Shopping App with source code


Flutter Grocery Shopping App is a best solution for any shopping store. This app is created to solve the problem of any grocery store. This flutter app user interface template helps to any consumer to purchase the product from many grocery stores.

This is template for flutter App UI which will help any new by to create grocery application. Also this UI template will help you to create to the back-end  system. Similarly, by using this template, you will save time on building UI design. Likewise, development time will be saved and using this template, you don’t have to make a outer layout design.

Background reading

Flutter Grocery Shopping App template to make any big super mart app for selling product to the consumer. This app has a step by step process to buy and purchase the items.

This UI is build using dart as a programming language and a flutter as a framework. Single code can be used in both IOS and Android app. Also, widgets, buttons are the key in dart which are used properly.

Technologies used


  • Simple and user-friendly.
  • Responsive and easily understandable.
  • Customer can easily purchase an item.
  • Also, this app manages data for showing list.
Grocery store main page

Grocery store main page

Item details

Item details

Product details

Product details



  • Similarly, there are buttons and widgets.
  • There are image slider and product details.
  • There ate Items details and item list.
  • Also, there is availability of checkout and payment details.

Therefore, things to know

  • You have to install vscode for an IDE.
  • You have to install android studio and emulator.
  • Also you have to install material, dart, flutter packages on vscode.
  • Therefore, you need laptop or smart phones to successfully run the system.

Therefore click on below button to download this project.

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credit:  Limani Bhavik

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