Food and Item Order Management System with php

The food and item order management system is a web based application that powers user to add and modify the orders. This system has users and the users can add foods and other items to their list and order. There is payment method as well as it generates bills. There can be a number of users and that is managed by the admin. Login system is integrated to make it secure.

This system is completely build on php with css and js(java script). SQL server has been used for the database of this system.


  • Sign in and login for the users.
  • Admin controlled.
  • Displays food menus and admin can change it.
  • Add food in orders and modify them.
  • Users can book the ticket.
  • Supports payment and provides bills.

UI Designs:

[smartslider3 slider=8]
How to run it?
  1. Create the database food and use the given database.
  2. After that, run login.php file locally with XAMPP server running.

Download the file from:

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