Financial management system for GYM by using python

GYM management system

GYM financial management system is most useful for the customers and for the trainers where they can make the form and where they can pay the fee as well as can join the classes by paying the cash. The aim of this project is to provide the user their common goal to make some authorized program as a programmer.
This GYM financial management system has got some awesome features as there are cash depositing and joining extra classes. When the program runs, it will directly ask you some questions related to the bank like Create Account = C,  Extra activities = E, Deposit = D,  Total= T, List All = l and finally Q = Quiet the program.
Every time you create an account, you have to enter your name and account it so that it will officially verify you, and after that when you have successfully created an account then it will ask you to deposit as the 1st balance will be 0 as given on it. And after depositing the cash, you can see your total amount by typing “T”. If you are joining extra classes then  it will automatically reduce the amount as you can check the current balance and after that, you can see all the record and can quit the program

GYM financial management system


Things you need to install to run this project
  1. You have to install python 2.7 or python 3.
  2. You can install any IDE like Pycharm, Atom, Vim or notepadd++.

You can edit the above project and can make your own system. It is a very simple project where the datas are entered. You have to type python to run this project in terminal. You can also run this project on Pycharm or any IDE’s.
I have not used any library on this project so this is so simple and reliable.
Click on below button to download this project.
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