Hospital Management System in Python with source code


Hospital management system in Python is a very simple and user friendly project. It has got simple and easy features to make user more understandable. Hospital management system is highly recommended for both hospital and patient.

This Hospital management system is based on python libraries and data from the users. This whole system is based on patients identity and their data. Also, admin has got authorization of login into the system. So, admin has to login into the system to enter the details of the patient.

This Hospital management system focuses on an appointment rather than the hospital data s. This system is not a full product, as this system details with only the necessity.


  • This has got a validation on login form.
  • Admin can only get an authorization.
  • Also it has got a pop up notification.
  • Here database is available.
  • It has got a fill up form.


  • Admin can easily add data into the system.
  • Also, admin can delete and update the data into the system.
  • It has got logs form to see the patients name.
  • Here, making an appointment is very easy and fast.

This is how the system looks like:

Appointment form for non patient

Appointment done by Michael Scott

ABC Hospital Appointments form for a particular patient with Logs available.

ABC Hospital Appointments form is created by admin with a particular patient details.

So now, Sarah appointment had been created.

Update appointment

Therefore, this is how you update data of patient.

Update appointment form

So update an appointment form after editing the name of a particular patient.

So, Successfully updated data of a particular patient.

Successfully deleted data

Therefore, things to know

  1. Here, you have to install python3.
  2. You have to install pip with sudo apt-get install pip.
  3. And you have to install libraries like tkinter, pandas, sys with sudo pip install library name.
  4. And you have to install IDE like pycharm or Jupyter notebook.
  5. You can run this file with python3 from terminal.

Therefore, you can install this project by clicking on below button.

Thank you,

So, credit goes to onthir

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