Hospital Management System in PHP


Hospital Management System is the system designed for the well functioning of management of hospitals. The system keeps the records of the patient’s, doctor’s and the employees of the hospital. Moreover brief record about patients are also be maintained.  It allows the user of the system to create , delete and update the records containing in the system. hence, the hospital management system is user friendly and can be easily understood by the operator.

PHP and MYSQL are the main source for creating the system.  PHP ( hypertext Preprocessor )  is script language and interpreter which is freely available.  and is mainly operated in Linux Web Servers. it is also embedded into HTML. MYSQL pronounced as “My Sequel” is an open Source Relational database Management System (RDBMS) which is based on the structured query language (Sql ). it is used for adding, removing and modifying data and information in database using ADD, DROP, REMOVE, ALTER and UPDATE SQL commands.

Technology Used

  • PHP for Web development
  • MySQl for database Management


  • Hospital Management system is database Management Application.
  • It is capable for maintaining the patient’s records, doctor’s  record and record of different other staff members.
  • It also maintains the medical report and final payment for each patient.
  •  In other words, it is user Friendly and  is  easier for hospital to keep the records.
  • However, it has decreases the number of employees for maintaining records.


  • Hospital Management system keeps each and individual records of patients and Employees.
  • It keeps the records of medical reports and diagnosis carried out for each patients.
  • Similarly, it also maintains the details information of  Vehicles and rooms.

Therefore,  Things to know

  • You have to have knowledge about PHP and MySQL
  • You must have  knowledge and skills regarding coding and Programming.

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