How to add AdSense Ads to WordPress site

Adding AdSense Ads to WordPress blog and site.

Mostly students and users are aware of what AdSense can do to their websites and blogs. And to get Google ads, you have to go through certain conditions to gain it. Likewise, to remind you everyone, AdSense is for earning a money online.

The Google program choose any blog or website which has got excellent and genuine content. You should have a little amount of viewers than you can appeal for your Google AdSense. You can got this link for your appeal


This is the brief tutorial of adding a Google ads on your website for both students and for the users. People have to be aware of how the AdSense works and what we have to do to be safe from it.

You have to follow the below given steps to add AdSense on your account.

Step 1: Create a website using WordPress.

First of all, you have to create a website using WordPress and then you have to start blogging any interesting things that can lure the viewers. After you get an attention of viewers then you can start making an interesting and genuine content which will help to get a Google AdSense account.

Step2: Now you have to apply for AdSense.

If you are gaining a little amount of users and some kind of popularity on Google than you can directly apply for the Google Adsense account where you can earn a certain amount of money from it.

If you haven’t got WordPress than you can install both LEMP and WordPress on this site.

And if you haven’t been selected for the Google AdSense account then you can try for it again. And after successfully getting an account, you can join on Google Adsense account and can easily copy the code and paste it on your site.

Step3: Adding Google Adsense code.

Now, that you have successfully got your account. You just have to add the code to your site or blog. And to remind you that, you can now see your web traffic and rankings. This is where you can find out how your site is going on.

Also to remind you that, if you don’t have any visitors than you have to quickly remove the code else Google can permanently remove the ads from your site.

Also clicking multiple times on your ads with your same account can disable your ads, so don’t click your ads.

Basic types of ads unit which is provided are:

  1. Link unit: shows some interesting topic for you blog.
  2. Text and display: which supports any kind of sizes.
  3. Native: It is an ad that looks similar to your site.

Now, adding a code with below steps:

  • Log in to your Google AdSense account.
  • Now, you have to click my ads.
  • You have to click my units.
  • You have to click on new ad unit.
  • So, select all the text which has been provided.
  • Choose the ad you would like to use.
  • Choose the ad which will fit on your site.
  • Now, apply a style for it.
  • Save and apply it.

You have to copy the code which looks like below one and then open your WordPress site.

Then go to the appearance which is on left site of your dashboard and select widgets. And then you can paste it in any side you want.

And after successfully adding your code. It will start to show on after few minutes.

So, this is you first step of how to make money online.



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