How to build your own Web Browser on VB.NET

Web Browser on VB.NET is one of the interesting things to do.

As we are all familiar with a web browser, We mostly use Google as a search engine optimization. Google is one of the worlds best search engine optimization so we have used it. Lots of companies and people use Google as a web browser.
Now talking about the project we have done is very simple and easy to create. This project is totally based on C# language which is also known as a cross-platform language that means it is a flexible language. And we have used VB.NET as a framework for building this project.

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Like you can see that there are lots of features available. It is like a normal search engine site but there are some changes and some features on it. I have added as the example. You can search or do anything you want with the web browser.
In this project, we have got all total of five buttons. The buttons are like home, stop, refresh, go and the icon of my web browser.
A home button is going to the home page which is similar to the website home page. Refresh is for refreshing the page is opening slow and stop is for stopping the refresh.
Go is for searching the item you typed in the form and the icon of the web browser is for the additional menu bar. We have got altogether six buttons on it. The menu bars are like restore, move, size, minimum, maximum and close. They all have got their own features.

Things you need to know before downloading this project:

  1. You must install Visual Studio of any version but I recommend you to install the latest one.
  2. You have to install Microsoft Office to run all these programs.
  3. And after downloading the project, you have to extract it.
  4. You have to open Visual Studio and open the file that you extracted,
  5. So after opening the folder or file, you have to open the program.cs file.
  6. You have to press the F5 button to run the program.
  7. And after pressing F5 button, you can debug it and only then your project will run.

Click on below button to download this project:

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credit: Bishow Raj Poudel

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