How to recover deleted files on Android

Recover deleted filed on Android

Data which are on the phone have to be recovered or the data will get lost. Sometimes, the data which are stored in the phone or tablet can get lost automatically. Due to the update or some virus, the storage card may get empty or could get hide. Or the important data which got remove accidentally can get recovered.
As the more population in the world uses the Android, they save their important files on it. They may accidentally remove or delete the files which they were searching for.
And what if they delete the data permanently. As you can see that in PC or in Laptop, you can easily undo it or you can get the deleted data in the recycle bin. But Is there any recycle bin available in phone or tablet?
The data which are selected gets automatically deleted. And You have to install some extra application for it to do that while in PC there’s no need of hardware for recovery.

The Android tools you need for the recovery of data are:
  1. Dumpster: The dumpster is an android app which is used for the recovery of data in phones or tablets. And It works as a recycle bin on the phone as it is a user-friendly app, it recovers the data quickly
  2. ES File Explorer: The next method of the data recovery is with the ES File Explorer. It is also an android app which is used for the data recovery in phones or tablets. This app is a full feature of the program as you can get the layout as the file folder. It is fast and the data which are deleted, stores inside the recycle bin.
  3. Android SD Card Using PC: This kind of techniques is used when the SD Card gets corrupted or accidentally gets format. This tool is used to recover the file, image, video, message or contact numbers. This tool is genuine as the data recovery is 100%.


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