Ice Cream Emporium Software Using C plus plus

Ice Cream Emporium Software

(Ice Cream Emporium Software is a GUI software which is based on c plus plus). The codes and some C++ libraries are used for building this software. And we are using gtkmm library for building this software without any IDE.
The drop-down and the GUI boxes are fully made from C++ libraries. And this kind of software is for ice-cream stall or shop where they can easily sell their products. While selling ice-cream, they have to follow certain rules and regulation for their better business.

Some of the rules are :

  1. Everyone should wear protective gloves.
  2. Keep areas neat and clean.
  3. If there’s a spill on the floor,  guard and contact the maintenance.
  4. And always wear warm clothes when you are inside the ice-cream cooler.
  5. Also, avoid cutting ice-cream boxes towards yourself.
As you can see from the above pictures how the software really looks like. This software has got a clock in and clock out features with some necessary icons for lunch. And the discount is granted for a special time to customers like 3 ice-creams for $6.99, family pack for  $9.99, combo pack for $6.99 and toady’s special for $ 5.99.
There is a sign in function as they can book date and time and also can see the brochure on the menu. And they have to follow the rules and regulation that I have added above.
Things you need to install to run this project:


Besides, the whole credit goes to Subodh Dhakal – Texas who developed this ice-cream project.
Click on below button to download this project:
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