Institute Management System in C# with Source Code


Institute Management System in C# is a great way of managing any kind institute in an organized way. Institute Management System is based on C# language with Oracle as a database.

Oracle database is user friendly and easily understandable. Likewise, Oracle database 11g has better manageability, scalability, and functionality of database system.

Institute Management System in C# is especially for .NET plan. This language is particularly for web-based applications and desktop based software.

ASP.NET is a framework particularly use for C# and web-based application. ASP.NET is best in creating websites and has better functionality on creating service layer.

ASP.NET MVC helps to make web services, which send backs JSON, XML and HTML format database. It is better than other framework where data communication us very hard

Background Review

Institute Management System manages networking, computing and multimedia classes to students. Also, this institute is a web-based application software that is build using, language as C# and database connectivity with Oracle.

Here, the design part is very simple and user-friendly, where CRUDE system is implement and designed. In any institute, keeping record of staffs and students are a very tough work so this system will help to manage data in proper order. This system handles huge amount of data and makes work looks easier.

Class Diagram

This is the normalized ER-Diagram of BootXtech institute. There one-to-many and one-to-one relationship between tables. In addition, there are mandatory and optional relationship between tables.

They joined because of the primary key and foreign key, which shows transitive and partial dependency. There are attributes and methods of each table shown above.


  • Student assignment record table with CRUDE method.
  • Student, class, teacher, and course CRUDE method.
  • Also, availability of three mapping table.


  1. It shows data of assignment details form.
  2. CRUDE method in each page and table.
  3. The data are stored in Oracle database for online as well as for security purpose.

Things to know

  • Install ORACLE 11g  for database storage.
  • Also you have to install Visual Studio 2017 as an IDE, to run this project.
  • You can modify this C# project with better GUI.

Therefore, you can download this project from below button.

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