Library Management System in JAVA with Source Code


Library management system in java is a very user-friendly software, which can be easily implement in any company. Also, it is a software built to handle the primary housekeeping functions of a library.

Similarly, it is use for managing the catalogue, that helps for the recording the transactions of books availability in library. Here, this software helps to manage and store books and students records electronically.

Moreover, proper records with better service can be provided to the users. And record of burrowers will be store digitally.

Background Reading

A Library Management System made using the concepts of Object Oriented Analysis and Design. So, better GUI with proper user interface is provided. And the interface is console based.

Therefore actors include the following:

  • Librarian
  • Checkout Clerk
  • Borrower
  • Administrator


  •  Search for items by title.
  •  … by author.
  •  … by subject.
  •  Place a book on hold if it is on loan to somebody else.
  •  Also check the borrower’s personal information and list of books currently borrowed.

Checkout Clerk:

  •  All the Borrower use cases, plus
  •  Check out an item for a borrower.
  •  Check in an item that has been returned.
  •  Renew an item.
  •  Record that a fine has been paid.
  •  Add a new borrower.
  •  Also update a borrower’s personal information (address, telephone number etc.).


  •  All of the Borrower and Checkout Clerk use cases, plus
  •  Add a new item to the collection.
  •  Delete an item from the collection.
  •  Also, change the information the system has recorded about an item.


  •  Add Clerk.
  •  Add Librarian.
  •  View Issued Books History.
  •  So, view All Books in Library.

Therefore technology used:

  1. JAVA
  2. NetBeans as an IDE
  3. JDK

So, steps to follow:

Step 1:

In the Netbeans Window, there is a tab named “Services” on the left. And select it. Then right click on JavaDB > Properties and change database location to “Database” folder downloaded with this repository (its placed besides the “Project” folder).

Installation properties

Installation properties

Step 2:

Likewise, After that a database named LMS will show up under JavaDB tab. So, Right Click Databases > New Connection and select Java DB Network and click Next.

 Wizard connection

Wizard connection

Step 3: Software credentials

Host: localhost
Port: 1527
Database: LMS
User Name: haris
Password: 123
Software credentials

Software credentials

Step 4:

Therefore, now just click Next for the rest of the windows. After that all this the database connection is made. Make sure that you connect with the database before running the project by right clicking on the connection and selecting connect. And now you are ready to run the project!


Likewise, password for Administrative Functions is lib. In addition admin adds new clerks and librarian, then they both do the rest of the functions.

So click on below button to download this project.


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