Library Management System Using Java


A Library Management System is made using the concepts of Object Oriented Analysis and  is designed on the basis of java high level programming language. The java is high level programming language which  works on basis  Object Oriented programming Language. Therefore, the testing and coding  is done on open source modular based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) known as Netbeans.

Netbeans is  used for coding and testing.  It is a java-based Programming language. It enables us to develop desktop and mobile based applications. The system is user friendly and helps in Searching books, keeping records of the books and managing the payment of the books. It saves the time and helps in efficiency of the works for the Librarian. Finally, it totally replaces the paper based management system is less expensive in comparison also.

Technology Used

  • Java as developing Platform
  • Netbeans as  integrated development Environment (IDE) for developing applications in java.
  • as a drawing tool.


  • User Friendly and  Widely used programming language. It is  easier for people to understand.
  •  Computerised System for storing the records of the books and Customers.
  • Removal of Paper based management system.
  • Maintenance cost is reduce and also reduces the employee effort.


  • It is useful for maintaining the records of books and customers in the library.
  • The application manages the records of the books borrowed and returned by the customer
  • It also maintains the payment procedure for the burrowing of books.

Therefore,  Things to know

  • You have to install  latest version of Java and Netbeans
  • You must have  knowledge and skills regarding coding and Programming.

Some Images Related to the Application




Class Diagram

Home screen

Home Page of Project

Admin's Portel

Admin panel Page

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