How to make a GUI alarm in python

GUI Alarm

An alarm is mostly used for specific purpose. We people mostly use some gadgets for turning the alarm like Watch, cell phone, and some other stuff.
So, why don’t use do it in GUI format using python?
I was really curious and wanted to build the alarm which will be very portable and a good lesson for everyone.
In this project, I have built not one but three-alarm with different kinds. And you can merge them by editing or you can use any of them.
The things you need for this project are :

  1. Python must be installed.
  2. You need to install Tkinter and alarm library
  3. you can use this project in any text editor but I prefer pycharm as best.

  1. As you can see that this GUI starts every time you run the program, and you are asked to stop the first project.
  2. In another project, there is a hide alarm system where it hides and appears in every one second.
  3. In the third project, there is an alarm with-draw system where it stops and runs.

This is a very simple project but a creative one. You can add more kind of stuff in this.
Click on below download button to install this alarm project.
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