Memory Puzzle game on python

Memory puzzle game

The puzzle game has been the best game for us in childhood as now we have added some kind of numbers and made it more complex. Solving the puzzle is not that hard if you give it your best but it is now in GUI where you have to match the numbers to solve it.
The puzzle is much easier if you have the pictures that you have to solve but what if the picture is hidden, can you solve it?
There is each pair of numbers in it and you have to select both of them to complete the puzzle. While you select one, it won’t be there as you have to memorize them and select the pair for them and only it will be matched.

As you can see from the above pictures how the output will be. The first image shows the beginning phase of the game where you have to select the number to match. And the second one shows the result of how it will be if it is matched.

Things you need to install before running this game.
  1. You have to install python 2.7 or python 3.
  2. You have to install python libraries like a turtle, pygame, random and freegames.
  3. Go to the command line and you can install these libraries by typing: sudo pip/pip3 install and the library name.
  4. You can run the game by simply typing: python/python 3

This is not a complex programming. You can edit the program and can make it better.

The above code is simple and easy to understand as we only used some libraries to make it. And I have used a car as a background image like you can change it to anything you like.
Furthermore, you can click on below button to download this whole game.
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