Mini Project For Employee Management System In C++ With Source Code

Introduction to mini project in C++

This is a very simple mini project in C++  Employee Management System. It is written in c++ language in code:: blocks IDE with MinGW compiler. It is console application without graphics. The whole project is completely based on file handling all the employee’s record are stored in a file. You learn how to store the data, editing data, searching data and deleting the data using the file. Understanding this project will help you learn how to add, view, change and remove data using file handling.
A cool and user-friendly project developed in C++. After learning this project, Try modifying this project, and write your own code to implement the search function. This project is complete and totally error-free.

Software Requirement For Employee Management System:

  1. Dev C++
  2. Code Blocks
  3. Turbo C .. or any other that you are familiar too.

Features Of Employee Management System

1.Built The Employee table
2.List the employee table
3.Insert new entry
4.Delete an entry
5.Edit an entry
6.Search a record
7.Sort the table

Output Screen

As this welcome screen appears,  there you can see some options for using this project.

You can download the Source Code for this project by clicking the download button below:

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