Mini Project In Bus Reservation System Using C++ Programming Language


This mini project Bus Reservation System has its own style of coding and presented in an attractive manner. It uses some new file handling operations like in previous projects such as Install, reservation, show, buses available and exit. This project uses C++ language to complete this project. A very useful project that can be used in Ticket Counter. You can use any software to run this project. The output also a welcome screen be like:

Features of Bus Reservation System

1- Install
2- Reservation
3 – Show
4- Buses Available
5 – Exit
You will get the source code for this project at the bottom of this page. After running this program, you will see 5 options. Choosing the first option lets you to select/ add the bus no, bus driver, bus arrival time and also you can set the destination. See the sample below:

When you press the second option you can reserve the bus, according to your choice. Also, you can see more option like available buses also see the seat available.

You can see the details about the bus available and below you can see the seat available:

No seat has been reserved. You can reserve the seat using this project by yourself.
Download the source code for this project clicking the download button.

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