Mini Project In Student Information System Using C++ With Source Code


A Student Information System is an organized system used for collecting, organizing the data of students. A student information system (SIS), student management system is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data. Rising above the difficulty and making the work smoother, reliable, computerized and secure this project is designed.
This mini project Student Record System has its own style of coding and presented in a specific manner. You can use this project for adding.  deleting, modifying and also using many other file handling options.  This project has used C++ programming language. The previous project Student Record System is designed using C Programming Language. C and C++ Programs looks same but not exactly the same. They are different from one another. You will get the source code for this project.

Features of Student Information System

This project has some file handling feature that can be used, such as:
1 – Add Record
2 – List Record
3 – Modify Record
4 – Delete Record
5 – Exit

Output For Student Information System

This is the first screen that appears on the screen when you execute the program.
Some more outputs:

You can download the Source Code for this project by pressing the download button below.

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