Minimal portfolio website using html & css (bootstrap)


Minimal portfolio website using html and css is a simple way to display your website. Portfolio website has always been a part of our journey in every hook and crook.  It shows our work and business related format with lots of interaction and pictures.

Minimal portfolio website helps you to create a substance of work with a little ideas and views of work you are doing. Also, if you are an entrepreneur or a startup business person then you have come to the right place. Minimal portfolio website helps your work to run smoothly and will definitely take it to the next level.

Background Reading

Minimal portfolio website is a one page template website which is build using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and Bootstrap.   There are all total of five pages which are home, about us, work, project and contact us page. Similarly, each pages has got their own unique identity and mandatory details.

This template uses basic programming languages which are very easy to understand and to learn. Because of simple and easy phrases, the format and widget are very responsive.  Also, if you want more than this that you can easily add more items and make it more fun.

Technologies used

  • Html as a programming language.
  • CSS for style sheets.
  • Javascript for a high level programming language.
  • Bootstrap as a free and open source framework.


  • The portfolio website is very responsive and user-friendly.
  • Contact page is available with better User interface.
  • About page, work page and project page is available.
  • Simple and attractive
About us page

About us page


  • So, portfolio website is easy to use and modify.
  • Also, single page category has been provided.
  • Because of easy understandable code, user can easily modify it and make their own responsive blog website.
  • There is an availability of live source and content.

Therefore, things to know

  • You have to install any IDE to run this source code like Sublime, Atom or many more.
  • User can change the code according to their will rather than for official work.
  • You can add back-end like PHP scripting, Django or NodeJS to make it ready for the market.

Therefore, click on below button to download this project

Thank you,

credit: Harrnish

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