Motor Control in Python using Raspberry Pi3

Motor Control in Python using Raspberry Pi3

Motor control is the main process of building the Robot. I have used a tiny computer which is known as Raspberry Pi to build the complete phase as it can be used in small as well as big projects for building robots. Like the robots are quite easier to build, it is easier to use the Raspberry Pi.
This project has got a small GUI system where you can get four buttons and a button for the camera. This project can only run when you have Raspberry Pi else you can’t run this project.  You can run this project in anyRaspberry Pi model.
If you are a beginner in Raspberry Pi then go to this page. This page will teach you how to set up raspberry pi and explains how to run it.
Anf if you are new to Python then check on my GUI Tkinter project which will help you to make a GUI format.
I have added lots of project on Raspberry Pi which will help you to learn about its beginning phase.

Things you need to know before using this project:
  1. You should install Python 2.7 or Python 3 on your PC or a laptop.
  2. You should install VNC viewer for running Raspberry Pi on GUI basic.
  3. And you have to know that the GPIO only works in Raspberry so better to turn off.
  4. You have to install some Python libraries like Tkinter, GPIO, time etc.
  5. You can install the libraries by sudo apt-get install and the library name

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