Mousetrap test in python

Mousetrap test

Mousetrap which simply means to trap a mouse which is inside our house. You know that what kind of trouble does the mouse makes. I literally don’t want them in my house because they make a hole in my clothes.
Anyway, you know that I am not talking about the real mousetrap. Since this is a programming mouse trap which we are doing it in python seems cool though. Maybe this is the only one project of mouse trap in python. Who else do this kind of things?

What do you need to run the program?
  • Python of any version
  • You should install libraries like state, string, stateMachine, and mouseAction

As you can see that I have run this program in the terminal and this is all about the cheese. While mouse chase for cheese, he/she will have the same smell and then fall for it and get trapped.
You can see that how cool this game is. Like you can see from below output

I have made this program in so simple way that you can only run the program and then it will generate the output.
And finally, click on below button to download this project.
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