Museum Management System using C# with source code


The museum is the history of nature and human creation that only remains on a piece of paper or some other materials. The government controls it and its value is precise and undefined among the people.

Museum is the collection of uncertainty and uniqueness, which has intense value among people. It mostly attracts tourist and children.

Besides, people visits museum for some scientific research and education purpose.

As, there are many people visiting, there will be many staffs for handling the crowd.


This software can be used for museum, where admin can easily know the details of their visitors. It helps to keep day-to-day record of their visitors from opening to closing time.

The main purpose of this system is to track visitor’s entry with their full details. There are availability of daily report and weekly report with its weekly chart from where admin can view their performance with their audience.

This system is user-friendly and effective. There are validations available on each steps of data entry to avoid fault. This system has better GUI with responsive features.

Software and tools used:


  • Login system with CRUD method available.
  • Data entry system with better GUI.
  • Daily and weekly report of visitors in museum.
  • Data import and export to CSV available.
  • Weekly chart available of weekly visitor details.


  • Any museum can implement it by making it online.
  • User-friendly
  • This system has a user validation available.

Login form

Main form

Registration form

Things to know

  • Username is Nischal and password is Khadgi.
  • You have to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • This software is a desktop application, which will run in a minimum requirement of 2GB RAM, 256 GB Hard Drive and Window 7.

Therefore you can download this software source code from below download button.

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