Nearby Shops App in PHP Laravel


Laravel is the platform for developing Nearby shops Application. It is a open source PHP web framework that is used to develop web applications. By using laravel, the application is created to help user to find the shops nearby their location. it helps for the people to find the types of shops they want to visit and it shows the correct location of the shops desired by the user. the Nearby shops App is made user friendly and can be easily operated by the user.

Technology Used

  • Laravel as a framework of php.
  • PHP as a programming language.
  • HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT as a frontend programming language.


  • Nearby Shops App By PHP Laravel is easy to use and is User Friendly
  • It is easy to operate and many users can operate at a same time.


  • The web application is useful for user to Search the shops like grocery, medical shops, restaurants and many more other location near them.
  • It reduces the effort for user to search the shops and saves time.

Therefore,  Things to know

  • You have to install php latest version
  • You have to install Laravel framework for php.
  • Also for editing and updating the code, you need VSCODE as an IDE.

Some Images Related to the Application



Therefore click on below button to download this project


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Credit : Ganesh Khadka


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