On-line Billing System on Python

On-line Billing System

On-line billing system is the system for the restaurant where the customer can get their items. The customer can get their items through on-line and they don’t have to worry to go there and order by itself.
The restaurant has got the home delivery system as well and also they can get take the customers order from their home.  This system is not that complex and only has got local database. They are simple and only some few codes are written which is easily understandable and editable. I have added a calculator where you can add, subtract, multiply, divide, clear and view the total. There are all total of 10 numbers inserted.
The system is very simple and easy as the data’s about the restaurant are added like Pizza, Burger and cold drinks. There are date for the order with the delivery charge and everything.  When you insert the number of items you want, then it will automatically generate the output. You just have to click on total cost button. There are buttons available like exit for exiting the system, sales reference for the sales and reset to do the entry again.

Things you need to install to run this project:
  1. You have to install python 2.7 / python 3.
  2. You have to install libraries for python to run this project like random, time, datetime, tkinter.
  3. Install the above libraries by sudo pip/pip3 install and the library name

The code of this project is given below and if you want to install it then go to the bottom of this page

Click on below button to install this project
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