Own Health Recorder Application


Own Health Recorder Application is the Application which is usually developed to store the medical reports of the user. Mainly when we visit a new doctor, we must have to provide all the details to the doctors manually and carrying all the documents is also not possible. So, in order to get rid of  this problem ; Own Health Recorder Application was developed. The Application Stores the records of the user which the doctors usually needs to see to find out how its affecting my current health. Without this knowledge the doctor could misdiagnose my illness and impede my path to regain my health. For these reasons, and because the German Insurances and Doctor Software Supplier are unable to release their own solution, I have decided to make Own Health Record was Created.

Technology Used

  • PHP    and Lamp Stack for Web development
  • MySQl /MariaDB for database Management


  • Own Health Recorder Application can keeps each and individual  medical records of user.
  • It is easier to use and the user can easily operate it through the use of internet.
  • Similarly, it also reminds the user about their Routine check up or Vaccination.
  • The application replaces the stack of medical Files .
  • Many user can operate at a Same time.


  • Own Health Recorder Application has ability to upload files with medical file extensions.
  • It reminds user for their tabled check up.
  • The application also works as a Reminder for vaccination .
  • Similarly, user can also add their medication, dose, period of usage and link of website with information.

Therefore,  Things to know

  • You have to have knowledge about PHP and MySQL
  • You must have  knowledge and skills regarding coding and Programming.


Own Health Recorder

Therefore click on below button to download this project

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