Payroll Management System in python


Payroll Management System is a system which generates salary data. This system helps for any staff to get their accurate pay data. Every staff ones an accurate data of their salary and also manager wants to provide them an accurate data.

Payroll Management System helps to provide a salary with deducting the taxes and the expenses. This system helps an employee to add over time payment and normal payment and resulting a net payment.

Payroll Management System helps to deduct expenses from an employee who may be a student. It helps to deduct tax, pension, education tax, student loan and NI payment. Also, he/she have to mention post code and a gender to determine who is an employee. And afterwards, pay date, tax period, NI number, NI code, taxable pay and pensionable pay will be auto generated.

Technology used

  • Python as a programming language
  • Pycharm as an IDE


  • Payment details are provided.
  • There are lots of tax inquiry.
  • There are 27 fill up form.
  • Also, very efficient for any kind of restaurant.

Libraries and Packages used

  • We have used Tkinter for GUI support.
  • We have used random library for random data to be generated.
  • Also, we have used datetime and time for an accurate date and time of given payment.


  • There are all together five different buttons.
  • Also, five buttons randomly generates a data.
  • Each of the buttons are unique and work properly.
  • This system can work in any environment.
Payroll management system fill up form

Payroll management system fill up form

This system consist of data where admin enters an employee data. So, employee have to provide a genuine record for a genuine result.

Random number of data

Random number of data

Here, an admin have to enter five different buttons to auto generate the data.

Therefore, things to learn

  • You have to install Python 2 or Python 3 version to run this system.
  • You have to install any IDE to modify and run this system.
  • And you have to install Tkinter, time, datetime and random libraries.
  • So, you have to install: sudo apt-get install pip.
  • And you have to install libraries by: sudo pip install library name.

Therefore, click on below button to download this system.

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