Pharmacy Management System in Android with Source Code


Pharmacy management system in Android is a simple project, that makes system more organized and reliable. This system helps to provide technique for preparing, dispensing and review of drugs with additional clinic services.

Pharmacy management system helps to store data and information with its functionality and organizes it in manner. This application is designed for any kind of pharmacy, where the transaction have to be done in a proper way.

This application helps user to keep genuine information of medicine details. Also, data stored in database can be use in future.

Background Reading

Pharmacy – Android app is the client side app for ordering medicines.
It is free and open source app. Pharmacy app is for administration who orders on the admin(Pharmacy) side.

With this app, customers can order medicines from the pharmacy it is connected to. It makes more effective and user-friendly system.

Technology used

  1. Android Studio for running android app.
  2. Also android emulator


  • Authenticate via OTP.
  • Also, super simple sign up process with auto verification of OTP.
  • Completely ad-free.
  • Material Design.
  • Specify medicine names.
  • Or take picture of prescription and order.
  • Likewise, realtime update.
  • Also, update minimum order value in realtime.
  • Block specific users from ordering.
  • Multiple order statuses.
  • Similarly, push notification to notifiy order status change.
  • And change map of delivery areas in realtime.



  1. Likewise, order details service has been provided.
  2. Also, camera enabling with location service.
  3. Price details and its confirmation.
  4. Detail information of medicine with its prices.
  5. Also, shipping service area code with it’s confirmation.

Therefore things to know

So, on Android versions prior to Android 6.0, pharmacy management system in android requires the following permissions:

  • Full Network Access.
  • Also read and write access to external storage – To access prescription images
  • Camera access – To capture image of prescription
  • And finally, receive sms – To access OTP code and verify automatically

Therefore, click on below button to download this project

cr: Arkanayan


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